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Any questions? contact us and we will reply as soon as we get back into the office…
It might not be quick as we spend a lot of time with either the goats or in the cheese room!

Frequently Asked Questions
When is goat yoga on next?

See our diary for dates

What do I need to bring to goat yoga?

We provide special yoga mats suitable for outdoors and that can withstand the attention of the goats!
The goats like to nibble so do not wear you favourite outfit, and if possible tie up or cover your hair

Can we visit?

Yes, you can visit the goats. Contact us!

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy from the markets we attend, directly from us or via mail order. Contact us for more details of which products are available.

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1 Hall Cottages, Ferry Road, Bawdsey
Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 3AS

Phone & Email

T: 07445 207669
E: ealdous@gmail.com